Saturday, March 29, 2014

Is it beach towel weather yet?

Embroidered Beach Towels
With temperatures still in the 50s here in the Midwest the beach is not on the top of our minds, unless you have a trip to Florida in your near future. That must be the case for Parrish and Will. I am jealous!

The children's mom came in today with beach towels she had picked up at a local department store. Her idea was to give her children monogrammed towels for the beach and pool.

What a fantastic idea! The children will feel so special when they receive their personalized towels and they will be easy to distinguish who they belong to. Let's face it, as parents we often find our children's towels in the back of another parent's car or in the pool's lost and found.

Having your own towels monogrammed only takes a few days and it isn't as expensive as you would think. Especially when you think of how long the towels will be used and held on to because they have been personalized.

Call 314-991-0707 to learn about our current prices on monogramming.


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