Friday, July 11, 2014

Family Reunion T-shirts

Summer is the season for family reunions. While some dread the thought of it and others can’t wait to get the fun started, almost everyone walks away with great memories and a closer connection to family.

Since a reunion is all about connecting and creating memories, a perfect addition to the event is a custom screen printed T-shirt. Years later a simple family reunion T-shirt will remind everyone of the fun they had, and the loved ones they now miss. 

Family Reunion Screen Printed T-shirtTo keep the price of the garment reasonably priced so everyone can afford to purchase one, it is best to keep the number of ink colors per print, and the number of print locations to a minimum. One or two colors per print location is a good rule of thumb. If possible, restrict the garment to a one sided print such as a full front location, or a full back location.  

Dark colored shirts with a bright colored inks cost more than a light colored shirt with a dark colored ink. A fun idea is to mix up the shirt colors so that each family attending has a different shirt color so it is easy to determine which clan a family member belongs to. For families that have reunions on a regular basis you might change the shirt color from year to year. This way the shirt color will remind you of a specific year. 

Family reunion blanket
An alternative to custom printed T-shirts is a printed stadium blanket. These heavy fleece stadium blankets make a wonderful keepsake while being extremely functional both during and after the reunion. 
There are two ways to develop your t-shirt design. The first and more traditional method is to setup an appointment to speak with one of our artist who will listen to your design ideas and then email you an art proposal for your review. The appointment is 100% FREE. Do you have a creative person in the family? They might create a shirt design that pulls in a family joke or imagery that only a family member would understand.Don't worry if the initial drawing is not to your liking. Our artist will clean it up and make it look just the way you like it.

Another option is to use our online T-shirt designer to create something on your own. Look in the Designs > Events & Parties > Family Reunion Designs sections for already developed layouts that you may customize. You may also select from any number of our design templates. Start with a design that isn't a family reunion theme and modify it to suit your taste.It's easy and fun. 
Family Reunion Printed T-shirts created from our T-shgirt Designer

Here are a few quotes that might help you get started
  1. “Family gives us two things; one is roots, the other is wings” -Unknown
  2. “Family is like branches on a tree; we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.” -Unknown
  3. “Family is like fudge; mostly sweet with a few nuts!” -Unknown
  4. “Family:  We might not have it all together, but together we have it all.” -Unknown
  5. “Our family is a circle of strength; founded on faith, joined in love, kept by God, together forever.” -Unknown
  6. “Insanity runs in my family; it practically gallops!” -Cary Grant
  7. “Trees without roots fall over.” -Unknown
  8. “The greatest gift of all is family.” -Unknown
  9. “The only thing sweeter than union is reunion.” -Kathleen McGowan
  10. “Love makes a family” -Gigi Kaeser
  11. “Family is not an important thing.  It’s everything.” -Michael J. Fox
  12. “Our family puts the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional!” -Unknown
  13. “I wish I could relate to the people I’m related to.” -Jeff Foxworthy
  14. “Family:  Where life begins and love never ends.” -Unknown
  15. “My doctor asked me if any of my family members suffer from insanity, to which I replied ‘no, we all seem to enjoy it’!” -Unknown
  16. “I sustain myself with the love of family.” -Maya Angelou
  17. “Family is the most important thing in the world.” -Princess Diana
  18. “I shook my family tree and a bunch of nuts fell out” -Unknown
  19. “May the roots of your family tree grow deep and strong”  -Irish blessing
  20. “The only thing tougher than life is the family that helps you through it.”
The traditional way of taking orders is by phone, email or an order form. An order form is one of the best ways to keep the orders organized because when people provide a form with their payment attached you will be well on your way to an organized t-shirt purchase. All you have to do now is insist payment is provided when they turn in their forms, and remain firm when asked to accept orders past the cut off date.
Another way to keep orders under control is to allow us to post the shirt on our shopping cart instead of using a form that must be turned in. You simply direct your family to the web link we provide and we'll take care of the rest. All orders are completed online allowing your family members the flexibility to purchase on their schedule, from around the country and from their computer or smart phone. Payment is taken by our shopping cart releasing you of the hassle of collecting funds and hunting down those who are slow to pay. Oh, and on the cut off day the T-shirt disappears from the shopping cart and you won't have to explain why you are not able to take more orders. It's simple, flexible and most of all effective. This allows you more time to enjoy the reunion.  

If your family has plans for a family reunion consider adding a custom printed keepsake. Give us a call at 314-991-0707 and we will do everything possible to make your event a huge success.


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